Day 20/31 #sol19

Even though I totally didn’t have time for it today, I slipped in a webinar with Jennifer Sarravallo to dive deeper into the world of writing strategies.

Have you ever had that feeling of, ‘YES. That was exactly the right choice to make right now’? That’s how I felt after this afternoon’s webinar. No, I didn’t actually have the available time to do it. Yes, I had to ditch out of other commitments and responsibilities in order to participate. But, you know what? It was exactly the right thing to do at that time.

Anything in which I can professionally immerse myself, and anything from which I can emerge feeling refreshed and invigorated (especially now, when my brain is so over-fried that it’s not even funny) qualifies as WORTH IT in my book.

The correlations between this Slice of Life challenge and Jennifer’s work are many. Spying on myself as a writer, breaking down the actionable steps of skills, digging into what keeps writers engaged, noticing what writers do in mentor texts, examining how to match strategies to kids’ needs… all of it. This was one of a series of three webinars and I am already so excited to carve out the time and space I need for the second one.

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    1. I’ve only begun to dig into this book (even though it’s been on my desk for months 🤦🏻‍♀️) so I’m not super super familiar yet, but amazing is the right word for sure! It’s billed as a K-8 resource, but I wouldn’t doubt you could pull and adapt strategies for older writers.

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