Day 23/31 #sol19

I’m on the couch with Mike, watching the NCAA Division 1 wrestling championships. (That is not a sentence I’ve ever written before!)

Mike wrestled competitively in high school and in college. I don’t know squat about this particular sport.

He knows the strategies, the intricacies, and the motivation behind each of the choices shown on the screen. I see some strong dudes trying to out-strong each other.

He sees the beauty in the fabric of years of training and sacrificing that has elevated these athletes to this national stage. I ask about things like cauliflower ear and the smell of the mats.

I so enjoy seeing this through his eyes and getting just a sliver of a sense of the rigorous world in which he used to be fully immersed. To be able to see a new level of expertise through a previously unknown lens is somehow expanding my Right Now… even though I just asked, “Is wrestling like gymnastics? Do they lose points for picking their wedgies?”


Here’s an unrelated photo of my brother’s sweet dog. Happy National Puppy Day!

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