Day 31/31 #sol19

Borrowing a fun structure from Elisabeth, over at the dirigible plum for this final #sol19 post.

I am a happy person who thinks more than she shares.

I keep collecting rocks that catch my eye.

I wish my knee didn’t hurt when I skied. It’s stealing my joy and it makes me think uncomfortable thoughts about my 24 year old ACL graft.

I love Mike and our life we’ve co-crafted.

I dance like a hippy chick at a Phish show.

I sing to my Thursday night yoga students.

I think that Fredrik Backman is an incredible author. He may (*gasp!*) be sharing the top of my Favorite Author List with Stephen King.

I really wish that parents knew how much it sucks when I put together an extra homework packet for planned extended school absences and they don’t even bother to pay it any attention.

I need to send myself more compassion – “At the time, I did the best I could. When I knew better, I did better.”

I should go get my laundry out of the dryer before someone steals my underwear again.

I can do a one-handed cartwheel while holding a open beer and not spill a drop.

I like to put things in online shopping carts and then never push the “complete purchase” button.

I make Hello Fresh meals when Mike’s gone in the summer. Not having to decide what to make for dinner makes me extremely happy.

I always tell my students (both tall and small) that I’m happy to see them – ’cause I am.

Thanks for another fun Slice of Life challenge! I’m OUT (but not really… I’ll see you on Tuesdays for #solTuesday posts!).

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  1. Isn’t this a fun format? So glad you found some inspiration for another post using it. I could so relate to filling online shopping carts and never clicking purchase. (And then when I get back a couple of weeks later, I’m mystified about why I wanted those items to begin with! OR I’ve been wondering why they haven’t arrived yet, and then I discover oh yeah, they’re still sitting in my cart.)

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