Head, meet table… (#solTuesday)

Picture this:

It’s our regularly scheduled Tuesday afternoon staff meeting. We’ve reviewed our norms and procedures, and have jumped into the meat of the business ahead.

We’ve discussed what matters most in our days, we’ve discussed what teachers define as positive culture and climate in a school, and we’ve begun chatting about our upcoming spring musical.

We want a unifying daily school theme for the time that we spend working on this year’s musical. The musical this year is based on The Jungle Book, and we’re thinking along the lines of gestalt (the whole is greater than the sum of the parts), interdependence, we’re all in this together…

…and then we start thinking about how to move the focus from the “ME” (tryouts) to the “WE” (scene group rehearsals) and ultimately to the “US” (our public performance at the Wheeler Opera House).

Our principal said this:

“How can we wrap our minds around the we-ness of us?”

I died.

All I could do was put my head down on the table and shake with laughter.

When I picked up my head, I saw laughing faces and heard great chortles all around the table. Good thing I wasn’t alone in that reaction this afternoon! Gosh, it feels good to be surrounded by my people. How lucky am I?!

9 thoughts on “Head, meet table… (#solTuesday)

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  1. >Gosh, it feels good to be surrounded by my people. <

    I'm not surrounded by "my people" so if a student teacher comes and gets one of my nerd jokes or they make a joke and I'm the only one giggling, I quickly email them and tell them, "You are not alone!" f

    What fun times could be had with a group like yours! I'm jealous, but happy you've got your tribe around you!

    Thank you for sharing with us today!

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