The important stuff (#solTuesday)

I could write today’s slice about the vast amount of motivation, awe, and knowledge that I brought home from last week’s TCRWP Phonics Institute at Columbia University in NYC.

I could write today’s slice about the surprising amounts of excitement I feel to be tasked with setting up a whole new 1-2 teaching team this year.

I could write today’s slice about my current stint in Asheville, NC with Katie Garner and the Secret Stories crew, and I could regale you with all of the additional ways I’m going to learn to access kiddos’ brains.

I could write today’s slice about how loopy my brain is feeling right now because I got up at midnight to drive to Denver to catch my 5am flight.



Here comes the important stuff.

I just want you to know that there was a tiny yellow lab puppy in my gate area and his name was Lincoln and he was chewing on his stuffed mallard duck and he kept tripping over his own paws when he tried to gallop around on the carpet and he had a little carry-on bag for his bed and when he was in the bag his little fluffy ears flopped out and his nose stuck right up to the sky and all I wanted to do was go up to him and feel those ears and smell him.

I didn’t, though.


He is still making me smile and that’s why that memory qualifies as important.

Happy Tuesday.

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  1. I loved this! The little things are EVERYTHING. I agree with you. Finding the best out of sitting in an airport, or waiting anywhere really, is the important stuff. Thanks for sharing!

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