I’m Learning so Much… (#solTuesday)

You never know how tired you are until you sit down one weekend afternoon to ice your ankle and you wake up in a parallel universe four and a half hours later.

You never know how many paper cuts you actually have until you have to squeeze those lemon slices as you’re making your risotto for dinner.

You never know how much your students pay attention to the comings and goings of things until the Scholastic book order is delivered at the front door of the school.

You never know just how many spam calls you receive in the morning until your phone is connected to the classroom’s bluetooth speaker.

You never know how exhausted your brain is until someone actually sits down with you and authentically asks you how you’re doing.

You never know how magical stuffed dragons truly can be until you let them “lead” 15 second graders through the unboxing of the newly (finally!!!) arrived phonics units of study.

You never know how ready you are for summer to be over until your husband lets you know that he’s driving home from Washington and will be there before school gets out tomorrow.

Gus, shyly looking on as our goodies stacked up this afternoon!

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  1. I love this day in the life of a teacher, because “you never know” what may happen. What a fun read. Thank you for sharing a slice of your life with the TWT community.

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