11 – The number of weeks we’ve been in school this year.

11 – The number of weeks I’ve been rehabbing my ankle.

30 – The number of students that I’m responsible for turning into grade-level readers.

3 – The number of brand new TCRWP curricula that I’m learning for the first time as I go this year. (1st reading, 1st phonics, 2nd phonics.)

1 – The number of TCRWP curricula that I’m using for the second year. (2nd reading.)

1 – The number of TCRWP curricula that I actually have used for multiple years now and actually feel comfortable with. (2nd writing.)

4 – The number of yoga classes that I teach after school a week.

1 – The number of yoga classes that I planned to attend after school today to release this massive amount of overwhelming and suffocating pressure that I’m cumulatively feeling every day as I try to do all of the above listed pieces AND simultaneously be some semblance of a mentor to two brand new teammates AND field questions and worries from intervention teams AND at the same time attempt to keep my entire learning center together and running smoothly as I try and foster social emotional skills to the above mentioned thirty first and second graders who are learning to navigate this ridiculous thing called Being A Human.

0 – The number of yoga classes that I made it to after school today.

1 – The number of hunting husbands that I picked up one one side of the valley to deliver back to his truck that he’d hiked away from at 5:00 this morning on the other side of the valley, pretty confident that he’d be able to hitchhike back when needed.

0 – The number of other vehicles that I passed going the other way that would have actually picked up said husband and delivered him back to said truck.

15 – The number of minutes that I reclined on my Shakti Mat while icing my ankle as soon as I got home.

1 – The number of restored Kristinas that are currently in my house.

4 – My one enneagram number that emotionally tells me that I should be given special consideration and sympathy because nobody has the exact kind of situation that I do right now.

5 – My other enneagram number that logically tells me that everyone on the planet has their own lists of ups and downs and that I should just cool my jets because tomorrow’s a brand new day and, guess what? I get to do it all over again.

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  1. 1-The number of people who wrote this post and deserve a day off for writing when all of this has piled on your plate.
    The fact that so many people rely on you means YOU are someone who can be relied on. It is a tough position to have so much to juggle just because YOU can do it. It also never changes the fact that it can be too much for YOU. Just like the fact that one or two of those items on your list could be too much for someone else. If I were a doctor I would prescribe one day off and encourage that it be filled with naps, light reading, yoga or anything that is unrelated to someone else and their needs. Just you. Your well needs filling too. Take care and know that based on that list you have a lot of people who appreciate all you are doing. 🙂

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    1. Betsy, thank you. Thank you for your perspective, thank you for your thoughtful response, and thank you for your prescription! I haven’t thought of this year through then lens that people can (and do!) rely on me – that realization gives me pause and space to be able to take an extra breath and acknowledge my skills. I plan on filling your prescription this weekend with yoga, hikes, books, and good coffee. ❤️


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