C’mon legs. Just keep moving. (Day 2/31 #sol20)

Well, it happened again.

Here I am, on a supposed-to-be-relaxing three day staycation at these remote yet local hot springs…and my legs are once again jello, my ankle is throbbing, my brain is mush, zero naps have been taken, and my new library book that was snatched off of the shelves for this very trip remains completely unopened.

Believe it or not, even after Saturday’s ginormous adventure (that left me more sore than I’ve been all season), I once again found myself heading uphill under my own steam, for multiple laps of downhill smiles.

Damn peer pressure.

How, you might ask, is any of this *supposed* to be relaxing?


There were moments of relaxation whilst skiing (Bounding? Floating? Dancing? Playing? Surfing?) through 16” of fresh storm snow this morning.

There were moments of calm in between the huffs and puffs of uphill travel when I stopped to watch the snow silently fall straight down to the ground.

There were moments of “ahhhhhhhhhh” when we dropped into the hot springs late last night for a 20 minute soaking session that probably helped get these little legs ready for today’s adventures.

There will be more soaking moments of bliss tonight after I put this phone away and go find my (hopefully dry) bathing suit.

There’d BETTER be some serious moments of sleep-induced rejuvenation tonight… ‘cause all that snow is just gonna be waiting for us in the morning.

10 thoughts on “C’mon legs. Just keep moving. (Day 2/31 #sol20)

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  1. Thanks for your slice–I’m completely jealous–yes, even the aches! Living in the DC area I miss the snow I grew up with in the north (although certainly not as much as you). I was right there with you, every bit.

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  2. I love the writing and the up and down of the large hills along with your up and down mood. It looks wonderful where ever you are! I am not a down hill skier but I know those moments when you stop in the woods and watch and listen to the quiet of falling snow. I love those times. Enjoy!

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  3. I love the rises and falls of this writing. It looks absolutely gorgeous there and agreed, skiing is not as easy on my 39 year old body as it was when I was a teenager but it’s good for your heart and joy.

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