My acrostic thoughts (Day 3/31 #sol20)


Kids will be lavishly handing out hugs when I get back in the classroom tomorrow.

Really glad that I was able to escape the daily grind for two extra days.

Isn’t it nice to be married to your favorite adventure partner?

School district called a Snow Day on one of my personal days… think I could get that day back? I didn’t miss any school.

Theoretically… time away just makes that re-entry all the more joyful. Ask me tomorrow if it’s true.

It was weeks ago that I noticed the plastic casing on my headlight was cracked. We ordered a replacement assembly with the intent on making this an At Home Replacement Situation. Four removed (and then replaced!) screws later… I drove to the shop to check in with the pros.

Now I know that the entire bumper of my car has to come off in order to get to the headlight’s inner bits and pieces, and it will take the professionals over four hours to replace the whole thing.

Anyone want to drive me to school one of these mornings so that I can drop off my car?!

Okay, fine. I missed these guys.

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