The little things (Day 4/31 #sol20)

I didn’t want to overwhelm myself on today’s reentry back into school, so I made a point to notice the little things. This is what I saw:

  • A second grader teach a (highly contested) football rule to a first grader at recess.
  • A reader recommending a book to another reader based on what she knew about him.
  • A writer asking her partner for editing support because she knew that her partner could spot spelling mistakes in her work easier than she could herself.
  • A teacher holding the door for another teacher who was a good fifteen steps behind him.
  • A parent telling another parent about this amazing thing she saw her kiddo do after school yesterday.
  • A parent sanitizing each and every kid-made bowl that went through the soup line at tonight’s community event.
  • A son bringing his father an extra bowl of soup because he knew he’d like it.
  • A bald eagle flying downriver at the same speed as I drove down the frontage road.
  • Bright stars and a half(ish) moon signaling a cool, clear night ahead.

Not bad for a bunch of little things, huh? Consider me reentered.


6 thoughts on “The little things (Day 4/31 #sol20)

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  1. I love the concept of noticing the little things throughout the day. So simple yet so lovely. It is also a wonderful reminder that writing can take any form and inspire in many different ways. Thank you for sharing.

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