In with the good, out with the bad (Day 21/31 #sol20)

Inhale fresh alpine air.

Exhale stockpiled stress.

Inhale perfectly formed snowflakes.

Exhale screen fried circuitry.

Inhale time in (distanced) community.

Exhale spinning worry wheel of unknowns.

Inhale the beauty of the mountains.

Exhale the frustrations of the last 72 hours.

Inhale the sounds of laughter floating on the breeze.

Exhale misunderstandings and miscommunications.

Inhale poofy powder turns…



Whoopsies. Lesson learned. Don’t take a big inhale whilst mid-turn in powder that blows up to your face. Save that breath for the in between moments!

10 thoughts on “In with the good, out with the bad (Day 21/31 #sol20)

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  1. I enjoyed reading your poem. I loved the way you wrote it, inhale the positive and exhale the negative. I think I will do this way when I’m meditating. 🙂

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  2. What a great format! Inhale, exhale. It’s what we all need this weekend. And those photos!! I’m inhaling them! I have fond memories of being the first to ski down a mountain in thick powder. Pure heaven. But you are right, be careful at the timing of your inhale.

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  3. Ooh, yes, especially this to exhale: screen fried circuitry
    I’m not into mountain skiing but I like how fresh your photos make me feel.
    I notice how clean the urban air is here in the SF bay area now that the traffic has dwindled.

    Screen time. Have had a little too much of it lately, with meetings and working on a project. Exhale….ahhh.

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