Unexpected side effects (Day 22/31 #sol20)

I think we all can agree that life is now different. It’s only been about a week since clear and serious social distancing directives came down our pipeline… they may have come down earlier or later for you, I’m not sure. Regardless, life is now different.

Little things like swinging by the grocery store or meeting up with friends on the ski area have changed. Bigger things like hugging others or having the privilege of teaching 30 first and second graders in your classroom have changed.

Within all the uncertainty, within all the isolation, within the worry and apprehension, a few bright lights have actually managed to emerge.

Connections between friends and family, while not as physical or as hug-filled, have become deeply important. Reaching out, while not with our hands, is what is keeping ourselves and our people together.

Thinking of others before we consider ourselves has shifted a bit. Yes, it would be fun for me to (fill in the blank), but I’m not going to because it might put someone else at risk of getting sick. Our collective humanity shines through at moments like these.

These things? New and creative ways to check in with friends and family, a slower pace of life to allow for said checking in, soaking up stories of humans helping humans with no hesitation because of any qualifiers like gender or age or tax bracket, and having time to actually pause and THINK during these March days that usually blur by at such a phrenetic pace? These are the surprise bright lights.

On the environmental front, there are also some sneaky bright lights. Clear Venetian canals? Less air pollution? How about that?!

Yes, things are different. Yes, tomorrow may very well bring even wilder changes than today. Yes, there is bad shit happening. But, as Michael Franti says, there is good shit happening too.

If you need me, I’ll be over here on Marco Polo, sending ridiculous videos to my friends. ❤️

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