Portrait of the Dead Plant

I have not been jumping at the bit lately to get Tuesday #sol blog posts out. In fact, there has really been zero percent of me that’s been motivated or sparked to write and share anything at all since, what – spring? I actually find this a little interesting because my life has totally been full of stories and shareable moments this whole time, but the idea of writing and sharing? Nope. Wasn’t gonna do it.

But today, this Tuesday, felt different. Why? Meh. I dunno. Maybe it was the recent email that reminded me of the upcoming Slice of Life Challenge in March. Maybe it was the fun shows cycling through Phish Radio. Maybe it was… just ‘cuz.

Regardless of the inspiration, what am I going to share with you today? How am I going to invite an audience back into my orbit?

Well, my friends, I’m glad you asked. With a whole bunch of, “nothin’ fancy”!

I’m up at school, waiting on a 7pm zoom call (gotta stick where the good interwebs are), sprawled on the furniture-less carpet (carpet cleaners came over the weekend), and messing around with watercolors.

I’m sharing a slice of a perfectly mundane Tuesday evening… which somehow fits just right.

Happy Tuesday!

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