My half birthday wish…

Today is my half birthday.

Do I feel older? Do I feel wiser? Even by half?

Well… the gray streaks that are running through my dark hair may say otherwise, but I’m not sure that I “feel” 41 and a half. And I’m certainly not sure that I’m any wiser than I was at a mere 41. In fact, I’m pretty sure that the seven-year-olds I was around all day today are way wiser than any adult I know when it comes to empathy, inclusion, and how we should treat other people.

When was the last time you talked with first graders about courage, about the power of words to change the world, about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., about segregation, about friendships, about standing up for the right thing to do, or about Rosa Parks? Maybe you’ve just had these conversations this weekend, and hopefully you’ve had them countless times before, regardless of the date. But, if you haven’t, then I highly recommend seeking out a sage seven-year-old. These kids may not have been on our planet for too long, but trust me when I say they are wise. Your heart will feel lighter with the hope for our collective future.

Here’s my half birthday wish: Let’s keep giving these small but mighty voices a platform to soar. We need them. Boy, do we need them.

2 thoughts on “My half birthday wish…

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  1. Happy half birthday! You are so right – the world would be a much better place if adults could think more like a first grader on many subjects. Keeping in touch with a child’s perspective is one of the many reasons I love being a teacher!

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  2. When I get to have conversations and lessons like these in my classroom they are my favorite. They are also the kind that sticks with me for awhile. Adults often dismiss children’s thoughts but we as teachers rarely do. Like you said let their voices soar.

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