I Guess We’re Doing Okay (Day 4/31 #sol21)

We had a love party for a departing first grader today. This isn’t something that often happens in our tiny little insular community, but it happened today.

Kids wrote letters, kids gave wishes, our friend wrote us a letter, there was much love shared, a few tears were shed, and a grand outside recess was had by all.

The departing message that we received from this sweet, kind, caring, engaged, and supportive family was one of gratitude. Gratitude for being a part of such an inclusive classroom and school community.

Given all that we’ve gone through this year, from hybrid to full distance to rearranging the school classrooms to full in-person learning? The fact that we have managed to create any semblance of a classroom community blows my mind.

I think that was the biggest love message that I’ve heard this year.

And here we were, thinking that WE would be sharing the love messages with this sweet family.

How about that.


8 thoughts on “I Guess We’re Doing Okay (Day 4/31 #sol21)

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  1. It’s not a competition, but behind first responders and health care pros, I would argue that teachers have had the biggest challenge this year, all things considered. Thank you for your hard work trying to keep your classroom, out of classroom classroom, and your sanity to still try to impact these kids positively. I appreciate you!

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  2. Dear Writing & Laughing,

    I love the tenderness in this recollection! From the “grand recess” to the departure “love party.” How fantastic that you ushered in waves of affection and caring in a moment, as you so beautifully framed, that has been otherwise utterly traumatizing.

    I commend you for the feat of creating that community of which you speak. We know that children often feed off of the energy and persona of the teachers with whom they spend so much time. Thank you for helping them to create a culture of caring in an environment that has been so unkind in recent days.

    You’ve made a monumental difference in their lives, and I’m sure they won’t soon forget it.

    Job Well Done…


    ~Carla Michelle

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