Grumpy McGrumperton (Day 3/31 #sol21)

I was super grumpy this morning. Like, “don’t talk to me, don’t ask me any questions, don’t look at me sideways, and definitely don’t even think about not following first time directions” grumpy.

This is not something that regularly happens to me, so when I find myself in the throes of Grumpy McGrumperton, it takes me awhile to navigate my way back to Normal Chill Cheerful Kristina. Especially when all I seem to hear in the classroom is… Kristina? Kristina? Kristina? Kristina? Kristina? Kristina? Kristina? Kristina?


Such is life. It happens. We’ve all been there. It’s part of the deal.

You know what helps? Spending time outside with first and second graders on a sunny 45* Colorado day, listening to peals of laughter bouncing around the mesa as sleds fly by, bodies run, twist, and launch off of jumps, and snowmen appear, stacked on the crests of hills. Yes, we still need more snow. Yes, I still love my frozen winter. But, damn. That time in the warm and heavy sunshine melted all sorts of troubles away.

You know what else helps? Having an amazing teaching partner. A sidekick. A friend. That special someone who is there to witness all of the craziness that comes along with teaching young humans – all of the stuff that nobody else would know how to even begin to process. Someone to whom you can turn, raise up your eyebrows as high as they go, and telepathically send messages like… holy shit, did that just happen?! Did he just say that?! Is that really how your morning has been going?! A little shake of the head and a knowing laugh really does go a long way towards returning some shreds of sanity.

I’m not totally back to Normal Chill Cheerful Kristina. This bout is going to take a little more time. But I’m definitely farther away from Grumpy McGrumperton than I was this morning.

Tomorrow’s a new day.

I’ll try again then.

6 thoughts on “Grumpy McGrumperton (Day 3/31 #sol21)

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  1. Kudos to a moment of sun and partner in krime to kick it with. Everyone has -a day- from time to time, Kool Kalm Kollected Kristina will make a komeback on the morrow. (I know, I know, I KNOW! I kouldn’t resist)

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  2. I had to stop scrolling and read at “Grumpy McGrumperton”. Ha! How fortunate that you are able to see your kids, and have a teaching partner! Your description of the kids at play was so uplifting. Cheered me right up for when I get to teach in person again.

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  3. I am glad the outdoors helped you. I, too, work with a fabulous co-teacher. I totally relate to the relationship you describe. She is my rock. I have to admit she helped me get through some bumps today.

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