Just Ask ‘Em! (Day 12/31 #sol21)

We have student-led conferences coming up next week.

Yes, they’re on zoom. Yes, first and second graders are really going to be in charge. Yes, parents will still receive a clear picture of where their kiddo is as a learner and as a human.

To prepare for these two full days of conversations, each student is reflecting and filling out a form to jot down their thoughts about themselves as a reader, writer, mathematician, friend, and distance learner. They’ll use these forms to guide the conversation during their conference.

We did the first page today. It’s my favorite. It consists of just three prompts:

  • I am excited about…
  • I am nervous about…
  • I wish my teacher knew…

The amount of poignant, specific, and honest information that comes from these three little prompts is astounding. Today I learned about ballet classes, looking for a new house, turtles, the end of COVID-19, summer camps, pet names for grandparents, third grade, and birthdays.

As it turns out, if you are curious about what makes a first or second grader tick… just ask ‘em!


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