Finding the Good (Day 24/31 #sol21)

In a screen-run, gravity-heavy Remote Wednesday, I have to dig deep to find the buoyant smiles. Here’s what I excavated today:

  • Puppy butt wiggles
  • Scavenger hunt silliness
  • A really good cup of coffee
  • Perfect pillow position
  • Surprise huge fluffy snowflakes blowing in sideways across the evergreens
  • Giggles with friends

What kind of smiles did you find in your day today?


2 thoughts on “Finding the Good (Day 24/31 #sol21)

Add yours

  1. • Grandbaby grins in my hand knit sweater
    • The sound of an exultant hawk’s cry against the day’s blue sky
    • Aroma of homemade (by someone else!) veggie cacciatore simmering
    • Phone call from a friend (during my work day!!) just to say “Hi!”
    • Steaming cuppa joe in the pre-dawn hush

    You may think you only teach children, but this finely-aged woman learns from you, too. Your “excavations” surely made me smile and I appreciate you inspiring me conjure up my own. Great smiling start to my day!

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