Good Job (Day 23/31 #sol21)

I find the weight of all that I can’t control in our world (my world? our world?) right now to be incredibly overwhelming.

So some days I gotta narrow my scope.

Did I do more good than harm today? Good job.

Did I drink any water today? Good job.

Did I share a smile with another human today? Good job.

Did I feel the fresh air on my skin today? Good job.

Today, however, was on a whole other level.

Today was the kind of “did I leave the house wearing clothes?” kind of day.

*Had to look to double check*

Good job.


6 thoughts on “Good Job (Day 23/31 #sol21)

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  1. Look at you winning the day! This made me chuckle. Though I have to say I realize how hard this year has been. Teachers and students have really been through so much. Dressed for the day seems a good start. You’ve got this all the way to spring break!

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