Sounds from the porch (#solTuesday)

The splash-plop of the fish jumping in the pond.

The schnuffle-rumple-huzzle of the horses in the field across the way.

The cackle of the bossy magpie up on that fencepost.

The trill of the red-winged blackbirds over in those cattails.

The low timpani roll of distant thunder.

The cracks and creaks of the roof that weathers temperature changes.

The wwwwww-OOOOOOOO-sh of cars exceeding the speed limit.

The high-pitched zoom-zing-zing of those darting hummingbirds.

The steady trickle-rush of the river across the road.

The silence of the bald eagle that oversees the pond.

The seagull-like cry of the osprey as it circles, swoops, and dive bombs the bald eagle’s post.

The caw-caw-caw of the raven that bickers and taunts.

The rattle-rumble of the trailers coming down from the reservoir.

You know, for a lazy day spent recovering from ankle surgery, there sure is a lot going on around here.

(If the video below plays, then you can hear some of it, too. Or at least see the dive bombing osprey. That’s kinda neat.)

(In case the video doesn’t work for you, here’s a blurry screenshot.)

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