Day 1/31 #sol22

Oh, hey!

Look at that!

It’s March AGAIN.





I have no idea how the days have managed to pass this quickly. Wasn’t it just January, the longest and slowest month of all time? Geez, what a year that month was.

And now, somehow, it’s March 1st.

March means time for more sunshine.

March means time for more snow (c’mon, c’mon, C’MON snow! Plump up our water numbers before we head into a hot summer!).

March means time for intentional deep breaths to honor and attempt to keep the anxiety at bay that tends to drastically increase under the pressure of being suddenly and totally aware of the extreme power of the passage of time.

March also means time for daily writing and publishing… for the fifth year in a row. Wow.

Even though I sat down and filled out the form for this year’s Slice of Life challenge, and even though I intentionally put this beginning day on my calendar, and even though I’ve been stashing tiny blips of future writing ideas away in the dark corners of my brain, I’m still feeling a little bit back on my heels as I rejoin this public writing community. My writing muscles feel rusty. Or maybe it’s my sharing muscles that are the loud and squeaky ones right now.

But, you know what?

That’s okay.

Turns out, I don’t have any control over the passing of time. Turns out, these days in March will have their turn in the sunshine (or snow?!) whether I’m ready for them or not.

Might as well write through it all, right?

Happy to have you here with me.



14 thoughts on “Day 1/31 #sol22

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  1. Gorgeous photos! They really do reflect the passage of time and how it seems to run faster and faster every year. Welcome back to SOL!

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      1. I think so too! Thank you for the warm welcome. Aspen trees are my favorite. I live in Texas and have family in CO. When we would visit I’d admire the Aspen trees. I love how in the summer when the wind blows the leaves sound like applause. Those trees make me happy. I miss Colorado!

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