It’s Just So Sparkly! (Day 2/31 #sol22)

Yes, I know.

I know I’m supposed to drink enough water and stay nice and hydrated throughout the day.

Yes, I know it’s good for my body.

Yes, I know it’s good for my brain.

Yes, I know it’s part of being responsible for myself as a functioning human being.

But I’m a teacher.

I teach first and second grade.

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to escape 31 little bodies and zip off to the bathroom at the frequency that is required of a nice and hydrated human throughout the school day?

Damn near impossible.


Because of this reality…

I am generally a minimally hydrated human who mildly complains about chapped lips and tummy aches, and who then attempts to guzzle water before heading off to the hot yoga room in the evenings, which (as you can imagine) never really goes too well.

But, do you know what I just learned this week?

A surprise gift of a purple sparkly water bottle that has ALLLLLLLLL of the sparkles, that completely blows the minds of first and second graders (especially outside in the bright Colorado sunshine), and that reminds me to take a few more sips of water when I’m at school actually does the trick.

Totally worth zipping out of class.

See you tomorrow – I’m off to yoga.

10 thoughts on “It’s Just So Sparkly! (Day 2/31 #sol22)

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  1. I totally get it! I treated myself to a special protein iced tea this morning and then had no breaks between 10:30 and 3:10. At which time I ran! Your post reminded me that I need to under-hydrate tomorrow. Love the sparkly bling!

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  2. Love the bottle! I am an over-hydrater, so I am proud of you for drinking more sparkly water! Thanks for sharing the sunshine, too!

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  3. Ha ha, I enjoyed this and the photo is the icing on the cake. Many of us mildly dehydrated teachers can relate, and I laughed at the thought of trying to catch up before hot yoga. Ending with yoga was the perfect circling-back. Nice piece!

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