A Surprise Slew of Poets’ Eyes (Day 10/31 #sol22)

We’ve just started our poetry unit of writing in both first and second grade. It’s gonna be a truncated unit, as I only have until Spring Break to pull it off. I had fairly low expectations for this one, as it’s not a ton of time and my young writers have been way more squirrelly than usual lately. Wasn’t anticipating much focus or work production.

Boy, was I wrong.

These young writers have not hesitated to dive headfirst through a chosen poetry door and put their hearts and their eyes on paper. The Observation Door, the Heart Door, the Wonder Door – doesn’t matter. They’re all in.

1st grader: “The sun brings life and the moon brings sleep.”

1st grader: “The sky is always there… but not always. The fog is an unseeable wall.”

2nd grader: “The pencil gets eaten by the sharpener like a beaver. Oh no! Don’t let your pencil get sharpened! Uh oh. My pencil is dull.”

1st grader: “I love you, Mommy. I love you to the moon and the stars and the planets. Even Pluto.”

It’s only been two days.

When they were sharing their work today at the end of class, my pride was bubbling up and over and one first grader looked alarmed and told me not to cry.

I just might.

This is going to be an incredible unit of writing.


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