The Wall (Day 11/31 #sol22)

Sometimes when you hit The Wall, it knocks you back on your ass so fast that your head spins. Maybe you didn’t know that you were closing in on that terminal point, maybe you didn’t even see it coming, maybe you thought you had a little more gas in the tank, maybe you thought you could just keep pushing on through like you always do and it would all be FINE, but it knocks you off your feet all the same. Full stop. Pull the e-brake. Nothing you do matters because you are DOWN.

Other times when you hit The Wall, it can be a softer collision. You can stop and lean and rest against that immovable barrier. It’s there. You feel it. You knew it was coming. You know that you’ve now come right up against it. You know that there’s no moving past it in this current state of being. And you also can stay on your feet. You stay on your feet, close your eyes, rest your weary forehead against the smooth cool surface of The Wall, and you breathe. Maybe you cry. And then you breathe some more. And after that? After that pause of the soft yet inescapable hitting of The Wall? Well, my friend, then you actually get to have a say in how you reset, recalibrate, and plan your next few moves.

With love and slow deep breaths on this Friday afternoon,

K ❤️

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  1. This is so well written. I can see why so many Language Art teachers teach this subject. They have a gift that me as a science teacher doesn’t have. I have enjoyed reading so many post. Thank you for helping me be a better writer.

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