Request These Upcoming Hits From Your Local Library (Day 19/31 #sol22)

Today was Family Ski Day.

My cousins, my uncle, my dad, and I all went skiing on this beautiful and sunny Colorado Saturday.

Throughout this Casual Ski Day, as you can imagine, many quality quotes were delivered. We were inspired by this sharing of wisdom and we decided that we needed to start publishing a series of books. The first installation would obviously be Life Tips From Uncle Sam, which would contain such gems as, “Always check your fly before you start skiing downhill.” After that would be the sequel, Deep Thoughts From First and Second Graders, which would share some choice quotes that I’ve collected from my classroom over the last nineteen years. Ya know – things along the lines of, “I just wish my eyebrows were where my ears are, so that my nose could be where my belly button is.” The third in the series would be the much-anticipated Life Tips From Dad, which would include serious life advice like, “Teach your children to cover their chocolate chip cookies before they turn their heads to say hello to you.”

Stay tuned for these top sellers to hit your local library.


Oh… ya know…

One day.


4 thoughts on “Request These Upcoming Hits From Your Local Library (Day 19/31 #sol22)

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  1. Now is when I’m wishing I could post a gif in the comment section so I could post a picture of Frye from Futurama shouting, “Take my money!”

    I’d love to see these collections. My guess is that there could be a whole wing of the library dedicated to these kinds of titles, which many of us probably carry some of…

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  2. Hahaha – outstanding. Not only sounds like such a fun day, but when you’re slicing and paying attention to everything like a writer you make sure these gems don’t slip past. Thanks for sharing!

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