Tryouts Are Coming (Day 23/31 #sol22)

Our school puts on an all-school, K-8, original musical every year. Well… every year except that crazy COVID shutdown spring in 2020. We skipped the musical that time.

Every student at school will absolutely have a part in the musical AND if they’d like to showcase some extra talent that could gain them a few more lines or solo song lyrics, then they choose to prepare a tryout. These tryouts take place in the central area of our school, in front of all K-8 students and teachers. Projection and dictation really count here!

In the past, we’ve sat and witnessed with awe and support as students have chosen to recite a poem, sing a song, play a song, perform a dance, share their martial arts moves, perform an original skit, tell a joke or two, ride a unicycle, show off their best animal movements, back handspring around the room, and even impersonate teachers and principals. There is laughter, there are often tears (mostly tears of pride and delight from the teachers), there are gasps of wonder, and there is always raucous and community-building applause.

Tryouts are Friday.

What’s your special talent?

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