I Just Want You To Know… (Day 24/31 #sol22)

It’s been 15 days.

The surface of my desk is still clean.

This might mean that instead of randomly cleaning my desk, I am now actually living with a clean desk.


New territory.

PS: You’ll notice that this post says nothing about my obvious piling organization style and only mentions the specific surface of my desk that is clearly visible in the picture above. One step at a time, people. I’m only human.


6 thoughts on “I Just Want You To Know… (Day 24/31 #sol22)

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  1. I love it! In the two years before the pandemic, I was working really hard to keep my desk table surface clean – and I was doing a good job! Now I have to sit in a different place to make more room for students. My corner is cramped and full of bins & piles. I miss my mostly clean table desk!

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