Equations of Today (Day 30/31 #sol22)

Last night + rain = a soothing sleep

Any person or dog + something interesting = what the other dog instantly wants in her mouth, even if she already has the biggest stick

(My racing brain + anxiety + fear) + therapy = my racing brain + a plan

Four muddy dog feet – mud = a ride in the backseat of my car

Just now remembering to write today’s slice – two hours of deadline because I’m in Colorado = this fun format for a quick write and publish

Sunshine + wind + rain + graupel + snow + blue skies = March weather

31 writing days – all the days, including today = one more day of writing and publishing for #sol22

7 thoughts on “Equations of Today (Day 30/31 #sol22)

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  1. Almost the last day + one more to go = interesting, uplifting, anticipated, inspiring words

    Almost the last day + one more to go = So sad till next March

    Thoughts from the heart + K2 can-do attitude = encouragement for my journal!

    Thank you! XO

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  2. O.K… I got too excited and hit enter before I finished commenting (lol). I intended to (also) say, I love “word math,” as you’ve so elegantly constructed above.

    This post is so thoughtful and clever! I appreciate the critical thinking you elicited and employed. It was so fun for the brain!

    I also terribly enjoyed the meaningfulness of the stanzas that served as relatable reminders of our humanity. This was so wonderfully done.

    Thank you! It felt like a literary gift!

    With Warmest Regards,

    ~Dr. Carla Michelle Brown

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