Testing It Out (Day 29/31 #sol22)

Mike and I got to participate in a little cross-country ski gear test this morning.

This was awesome because it meant we got to have a morning together outside, in the snow, on skis, for the first time all winter. Ski date #1 – woohoo!

AND, this was hilarious because neither of us would call ourselves opinion-worthy x-c skiers. Fatter boards? Absolutely. Let me tell you allllllllllllllllll of my observations, thoughts, and suggestions. Skinny skis? I, for one, had to dig deep into my vocabulary bucket today.

Comparison is what got the conversations rolling about classic boots and skis and also skate boots and skis. How was this compared to that? What if you switched to this one? How does this other one compare to that one you liked a few sets ago? Oh, it was more responsive? How so? What did it feel like? (As I write this, I feel like I’m coaching a student as they stretch out their writing to make it longer and stronger! 😆)

The skis, the bindings, the boots, and our adjectives weren’t the only things being tested this morning, though. This post-op ankle of mine hadn’t been on x-c gear (outside of slow schussing behind school) all winter. Classic skiing? No problem. I could aggressively shuffle up and down those hills with a smile for hours. Skate skiing? One lap on the flats and I was toast.

Good to know your limits, right?

A day of testing gear, of testing descriptive vocabulary, and of testing ankle stamina made for a pretty great Tuesday.

Now I’m testing the effects of my big heavy ice pack on a tight and tired ankle…

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  1. How much fun! I’m so glad you were able to have such a fun day in the snow testing all your gear and your body. Hoping that ankle is as good as new soon.

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