All-School X-C Ski Day! (#sol23 Day 8/31)

Given the stress and general suckiness of our last two Wednesdays, we decided to do something completely different today.

We took the entire school, K-8, out cross-country skiing!

Today’s fresh air, mixed-age skiing opportunities, and yummy hot cocoa did the trick of switching our collective thoughts around Wednesdays. Instead of unease and fear, we soaked up community support and togetherness. Instead of waiting to be told what the next move was, we just went for it for the health of our school. Instead of wallowing in the what-ifs, we stuck together and made new happy memories.

I didn’t get to take many pictures because I was too busy, ya know, schussing it up out there with the kids but I’d say the number of wide and toothy smiles I saw pointed to a successful all-school adventure day.


If only I could use that same positive energy to ditch this wicked fever that took me out *again* this afternoon… 🤬

6 thoughts on “All-School X-C Ski Day! (#sol23 Day 8/31)

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  1. Amazing that all your students are equipped for an afternoon of skiing. That’s what happens when you live in CO, huh? Hoping rest and plenty of liquids will have you feeling better soon.

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    1. Thanks. Our local gear store massively hooked us up with discounted rentals for those who needed them but the majority of our K-4 at least has a school setup that’s part of our Outdoor Ed program.


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