How Are You? (#sol23 Day 7/31)

When my family was in town last month and we had the luxury of skiing around together and letting our true feelings and words drift and play on the outside breezes, the conversation inevitably turned to… so, how are you doing?


Okay, I guess.

Hanging in there.

You know? I’m doing alright.

I mean… 🤷🏻‍♀️

Your basic schmorgishboard of replies. (Yes, mine was the one with the shrug. Good call.) You’ve heard them all before and have probably, maybe even quite recently, given them yourself.

But then my favorite response came…

Upright and not crying.


Don’t you love it? Please steal it. Use it when you need it. Share it. Say it. Spread it around like these germy germs we just can’t seem to ditch.

On this particular Tuesday, at this particular time? I’m upright and not crying.

How are YOU doing?


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