Today’s Lessons (#sol23 Day 15/31)

Yeah, yeah, lessons are everywhere. I get it. I’m a teacher. I teach lessons to first and second graders all day long. I plan lessons, I deliver lessons, I change and adapt lessons, I analyze lessons, and I even ditch the lessons that just aren’t doing it for me or for my students.

But what about the lessons that I receive? The ones that allow me to keep growing and evolving as a functioning and compassionate human being?

Ya know, the crucial ones. Like…

  • Don’t wear a dress on Wednesdays because you’ll have to sit on the ground for All School Meeting and it’s just not that comfy (nor worth all the anti-flashing maneuvering) for that much time.
  • Remember to wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds after you’ve handled the peppermint oil for the classroom diffuser. You should do this before you, say, rub your left eye.
  • Be sure to look out the window as you’re driving up the school’s driveway or else you might miss the view of the young male elk who only has one long skinny spike on one side of his head and absolutely nothing on the other side, which is quite the amusing look.
  • Remember to flip your daily Effin’ Birds calendar page because it’s 99% going to be a perfect match for your day.

Lifelong learner over here.


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