Whew! We’re Gonna Make It. (#sol23 Day 16/31)

We had our first of two days of student-led conferences today. Our six- and seven-year olds held court in front of their parents and teachers (and nanas!) in a way that was spellbinding and admirable.

When I listened to these young scholars talk about how they can recognize their emotions and feelings, how they can notice when their internal world starts amping up, and how they have a variety of tools (12, in fact!) from which to choose as regulation support…

And when I think about the statement that “our parents’ ceilings are our floors” (can’t remember who I should credit for that one. Glennon Doyle? Brené Brown?)…

Well, that’s when I know that we’re going to be okay. These young humans are internalizing multiple strategies that will support their own levels of tolerance, patience, empathy, compassion, and kindness. These are the humans that will grow up and interact with tomorrow’s world. These are the hearts who have already, at this young age, made habits of using their tools when faced with disappointment or challenge. These are the humans that will create and foster ideas that we have yet to even imagine. These are the hearts that will shape and grow and embrace and sustain our community.

Yep. We’re gonna make it. One order of better humans, coming right on up.


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