Shhhhh! (#sol23 Day 30/31)

There are, as we know, different types of quiet. Here are a few that come to mind on this happy and calm Thursday afternoon…

There’s the nighttime type of quiet when everything slows down, shuts off, and deepens.

There’s the morning time type of quiet when everything is sleepy, stretching, and becoming.

There’s the “uh oh, what’s going on over there?” type of quiet when previous sounds of child laughter-slash-chaos suddenly no longer exist and adult hearing abilities suddenly amplify.

There’s the post-snow type of quiet when the outside sounds are dampened and grounded by a thick, white, and cozy blanket.

That last example is the type of quiet that I’m currently soaking up. This afternoon storm came in fast and wet, and the outside world is snuggling down under this heavy springtime snow. My inside world would also – very much – like to snuggle down amidst this peer pressure of stillness but, alas, my day must continue.

Cozy quiet will just have to wait.


2 thoughts on “Shhhhh! (#sol23 Day 30/31)

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  1. I love your Snow Blanket Quiet! In Maine, we are eagerly anticipating our spring evening quiet – disrupted only by the sound of the Peepers! Soon…

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