Made It! (#sol23 Day 31/31)

Thirty-one days of writing and publishing. Whew! That was a lot. Some days brought clear inspiration and other days were muddied and needed to be combed through for sparks. I suppose that’s just how the writing process goes, right?

For all of those “ugh, I don’t know what to write about. Who even cares? I don’t really have to do this, do I? Why am I making myself do this again?” moments, there were (of course!) unexpected rewards on the other side of that publish button. An audience, some feedback, shared laughter and smiles, a sense of pride in accomplishment, and the knowledge that others were also on The Struggle Bus were a few of my favorites.

Yes, I do this challenge every March with my students’ writing experiences in mind. Yes, it’s an important perspective shift to be on this side of the proverbial paper. And, yes, I will transfer my takeaways from this daily practice into my classroom.

Why? Because it’s important to write. It’s important to struggle with word choice and with voice and with intended impact. It’s important to experience the connections that words can forge across screens, towns, cities, and countries. Thank YOU for being on the audience end of my recent words. I’ve loved our connections this month.

Maybe I’ll keep going with the #solTuesday weekly writing. Maybe I will enter another dormant period for a bit. Maybe I’ll be more erratic with my published words. Who knows. But until the next time my words reach your screen through the wonders of technology, I remain…

A Writer.


5 thoughts on “Made It! (#sol23 Day 31/31)

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  1. We learn a lot about ourselves when we write. Plus YOUR writing has provoked thought in me and encouragement for my own writing, even though I don’t have the pressure of DAILY process and public sharing! You’re amazing – thanks for a month of inspiration!

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  2. Congratulations! you did it again. And also…ohhhh sad, it’s over already? bummer. It was good while it lasted. I hope you do write and publish more often, it was a little spark in my day everyday!

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