What If You… (Day 3/31 #sol22)

I participated in a 30 hour yoga teacher training block this past weekend. I wanted to hone my knowledge, to collect continuing ed hours for my recert process, and to sit in the open and humble seat of a student for days at a time.

Yes, my brain and my heart were filled. Yes, my body was challenged and nourished by three days of doubles of hot 26&2 classes. Yes, I met new yoga friends and community members. Yes, I got to know the yoga friends and community members that I’ve already known a bit better. Yes, I’m acutely aware of EVEN MORE things that I don’t know.

But do you want to know about my favorite sticking moment from the training?

After being together for a day and a half, my new(er) friend Paula suggested that – one day – I should teach a yoga class using sound effects. ONLY SOUND EFFECTS. 😳

Oh, man! Are you kidding me?! She saw right to the core of me. If this isn’t the perfect way to share my wacky self with my yoga students, then I’m not sure what is!

I floated the idea to my Thursday Night Crew of students tonight. By the amount of laughter and hilarious sound experimentation that ensued over the next 75 minutes, I’d say they were into the idea.

Now, if only April 1st was a Thursday this year. It does fall on a Friday, though… not too much of a stretch (ha!)…

Can I pull it off? Unsure. Will I attempt it? Most definitely. Will those who are present be buoyed by laughter and inclusion and joyousness and silliness and the love of community? Absolutely.

Stay tuned!


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