Finally! (Day 4/31 #sol22)

You know what I’ve always wanted to do in my classroom? A March-Madness-type of bracket, but for books.

**Insert deep and dramatic announcer voice:

This is it, folks. A literary battle to the bitter end! Using student voice and choice, we will narrow down sixteen incredible books to find out which one reigns supreme! The 2022. ULTIMATE. CLASSROOM. READ ALOUD!

**The crowd goes wild! Raaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!

Well, we’re doing it. It’s happening. And it’s just as exciting as I’d imagined it could be. Reading the books out loud, letting the kids think and cast their vote (votes are only counted if they’re complete, which means that they include the chosen book title AND the reason why they think it should win that particular battle), counting the votes and sharing everyone’s reasons, updating the chart… I am loving every part of this process. These first and second graders are actively engaged in our read aloud discussions, are eagerly forming their opinions on books, and are practically levitating in the collective excitement of learning which new books they’ll discover next. By Spring Break, we will have our final winner.

The battle has begun.

8 thoughts on “Finally! (Day 4/31 #sol22)

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  1. Our school is doing this book bracket with books by Jory John only. The initials of our school are also ACS so I was thrilled when I saw your picture and wondered if a colleague from my school posted this. But then I noticed the bracket books were different. The students are voting electronically with a Google Form. How are your students voting?

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  2. That sounds pretty amazing. I’m in on all things March Madness. I’m starting a bracket for my school where every class gets a couple teams to root for. It’s super fun, no matter if it’s books or the real thing. Have fun!!

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  3. I would *love* to do something like this, but I’m not sure I could figure out how when I’m a librarian and only see my classes once a week. I can’t wait to hear about how yours goes and which awesome title wins!

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