It’s the Weekend! (Day 5/31 #sol22)


Two little days.

Two little days, 48 short hours.

Two little days, 48 short hours, yet rife with urgent expectations of sufficient relaxation, exercise, and refreshing moments so that you can saunter and/or float back into work on Monday morning fresh faced and ready to put the pedal right down to the metal.

That’s a lot of pressure for two little days.

At this point in the year, two little days don’t even seem to scratch the surface.

So I thought I’d take it a few small chunks at a time today. Big looming expectations are stifling and scary. Little chunks are visible and doable.

Some morning hot yoga, a snowy and sunny afternoon stroll with a dear friend, and right now I’m gearing up for an evening of good food, belly laughs, and lots of love with friends who are really more like my family. I’m even going to wash my hair.

These little heart chunks, carefully curated and selected, might actually have the chance to sink in and start to refuel that heavy weekly deficit so that what needs to happen on Monday morning might just happen.

Happy weekend to you.


2 thoughts on “It’s the Weekend! (Day 5/31 #sol22)

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  1. That’s a lot of pressure for two little days.

    This line stood out to me. So much of this slice resonated, which led me to wonder if we (the royal, societal we) are just doing it wrong when we’re so dependent on two little days to gear up for the other five. Hope you found your restorative energy and get a chance to recharge. 🙂

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