Here’s What I Hear Right Now (Day 6/31 #sol22)

The hum of the fridge

The coos of the doves

The cackle of the magpie

The grumble of cars across the river on 82

The bubbling hiss of my sparkling water

The low constant presence of the river

The high constant ringing in my ears

The crunchy ice/snow in the driveway

The mumbles of neighbors

The quick honk of a car because there’s a bunch of deer hanging out on the road and they’re not bothering to move at all

5 thoughts on “Here’s What I Hear Right Now (Day 6/31 #sol22)

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  1. Amazing what floods in when we let it. You capture it all so nicely here. I like when I notice my bubble water talking to me. It usually means I’ve found a little patch of peace – thanks for sharing!

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  2. Hearing is one of the most powerful senses we possess. The way you wove together adjectives, adverbs, and verbs together here made the noises pop like kernels in the microwave. Loved reading your poetic words. Thanks for inviting me to think deeply about how sounds can be captured in words.

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