A Sneak Peek (Day 7/31 #sol22)

Instead of sharing MY words today, I thought it’d be more entertaining to share the words of my first and second graders. Enjoy this little Monday sneak peek into the brilliant minds of these kiddos…

This word is “squash” because it has an a and not an i so it’s not “squish”, it’s “squash”. The elephant will squash you if it steps on you.

What does it mean when there’s an exclamation point after a question point? A questionation?

Do you want to sit together on the bus? I have my Polly Pockets today!

You’re treating me like a stuffy!

My teacher makes me smile.

What’s so funny? Life?! Life is never funny! Life is annoying. Ughhhhhhhhhh.

(In response to me saying that she had a lot of love in her heart) You have a lot of smiles on your face.

Do you want to read about crabs together?

(Sobbing) I just really miss my dad.

Look! I’m driving the bus!

And finally, from today’s first day of our writing unit, a little first grade love poem:

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