Gotta Give Them a Voice (Day 12/31 #sol22)

After a sunny and quiet morning of skiing fresh Snowmass groomers, and a delightful lunch/love fest/catch up with a favorite friend, I drove back home this afternoon with a calm and full heart.

As my car was casually curving along the sunny and slow back roads, I noticed that I was having to actively avoid a larger number of road rocks than usual. The upper road cut is an old moraine, so it sheds rocks throughout the year and especially during melt/freeze cycles. I slowed down to choreograph my next few swerves between basketball sized rocks and I glanced up to the top of the road cut. Standing at the top, facing all sorts of directions, was a large-ish crew of elk. Of course I scoffed and giggled when I saw them and of course I had to anthropomorphize them and give them a voice because OF COURSE they were up there having a grand ol’ time… bowling for cars.

Thanks, ladies, for keeping me on my toes today.

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