Be In The Experience (Day 28/31 #sol22)

I went to yoga this morning.

Yep. At 9:00am on a Monday. No big deal. #springbreakisawesome

My teacher set us up with this theme today: Be in the experience. Let go of the expectation.

From backing off of familiar movements that actually felt like too much for my lower back this morning to releasing self-imposed expectations of what “free time” is “supposed” to look like during the rest of my day, this was a theme that served me well on this Monday.

Happy to keep working on this one. Also happy to pass it on. Maybe it’ll help you on your Tuesday?


Me, fully being in the experience of a sunny afternoon walk with the dog. On which, of course, I just had to toss in a handstand.

4 thoughts on “Be In The Experience (Day 28/31 #sol22)

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  1. It’s quite the experience to take a theme from yoga and apply it to life. It took me while to understand how that happens, but one day, it clicked. Your photo captures the theme you describe.

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  2. Wow! That’s an impressive handstand. “…releasing self-imposed expectations of what “free time” is “supposed” to look like”–I love the way you wrote this sentence. I’m always beating myself up for not getting enough accomplished. Great words to live by. Enjoy your week!!

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